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Bespoke Jewellery in Lincolnshire by Goldsmith Caron Yeomans

Caron Yeomans
Home About Me What next?  Services Contact Me Testimonials

‘Our whole experience with Caron was amazing from start to finish, she listened to our ideas and helped us with decisions to create our beautiful rings, which we wear with love each day’

Anna - Newark

The Bishop’s Ring

Recreating a family piece for a Bishop was not a problem for

Caron Click here

David’s Story

An old ring was used to make a beautiful pendant  Click here

Sean’s Story

A proposal to his girlfriend with a very special ring Click here

Ravi’s Story

A story of choosing the wrong jeweller for her rings and how Caron saved the day! Click here

Liz’s Story

A present from a friend caused Liz to meet and work with Caron to obtain the dream ring that she wanted. Click here

Vicki’s Story

Wanting a big diamond was not out of the question as Caron proved with the design help of Vicki’s Husband Click here

Sharon’s Story

Caron handmade the Engagement ring and wedding rings – years on, they are all still fabulous Click here