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Wedding Rings

There are different ways to personalise your rings.

 Engraving inside the wedding band - this may say the name and/or date of the wedding

        A diamond inside the ring - this can be useful especially if the groom feels left out!

Pair of Platinum wedding bands.

Hers with white and pink diamonds his plain


Her engagement ring was the Platinum ring with the diamonds and the wedding band the shaped 18 ct yellow ring

I offer a wide selection of rings to my clients, from:

Ready made rings - which should be cheaper from me as I have no shop expenses to pay for.

CAD - rings that can be made to your specific design Click here

Handmade (Bespoke) - both rings may be made from the same piece of metal. You may have a ‘difficult’ shape engagement ring and need a special shape wedding ring to lie next to your engagement ring. Click here

Made to fit a difficult engagement ring this wedding ring was designed specially. Incorporating diamonds and amethysts it fits the engagement ring precisely

This full eternity ring with princess cut diamonds is made from Platinum but could also be made from 9 or 18 ct white or yellow gold - depending on taste and budget.

Extra services

Wedding rings can come in all shapes and designs     

There are no set rules for what a wedding ring should look like although most people like to have a band symbolizing the eternal circle.

What you do with that band varies to each person. You can have it plain, patterned, with stones, different shapes in fact anything you want! Both partners can have diamonds and in some cases the more the merrier!

I have put some pictures on this page of some of the different rings that I have supplied over the years, perhaps it will get your creative juices flowing.

His and Hers wedding bands with diamonds. Hers 18ct yellow gold his 18ct White gold

This lady didn’t get an engagement ring but this wedding ring more than made up for it

This matching pair of Platinum wedding rings were made from the same piece of metal and engraved inside

Matching rings, made from the same metal, hers has diamonds invisibly set all the way around, his is plain

Made in 9ct white and yellow gold. This chunky wedding band has a moveable band in the centre which is made from the same piece of metal as the husband’s ring.

Made mostly from the same metal as the ring pictured above this man’s wedding band is solid and chunky and has a band of 9ct white gold down the centre

Giving the appearance of a chunky ring this ring made from 9ct yellow, rose and white gold is surprisingly comfortable as it has an inside that has the feeling of a court ring.

So, come and talk to me about your ideas for wedding rings and let me put your dreams into reality.

It may be easier and more affordable than you think!

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